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Episode 4: April Fools July

Ep 4 Shownotes
hosted by brokeMC

Jack of “The Caption”
IG / Twitter / FB -@thecaptionmusic

Alison Mop – “Hospital #1”
ig – alisonmop

Eve Blackwater – “Crybaby Creek”

Nate Gusakov – “Going Home”

Leah Tash – “The Soul You Got on You.”
ig and twitter @leahtashmusic

( drops her limited 7”!)

Calvin Rezen – “Constantine”

Dylan And Sonja – “River”
written by Dylan Mann
sung by Sonja Teszler

Kyle Jackson – “New York”

Zav the Gemini – Acapella
IG: ZavTheGemini

Tesla Nirvana Bejerano – “Sunrisin in Sunset”
ig – soupthereitis

Jason Stein – “Blues Harmonica”

Interview with Kyle Jackson

Anna Witiuk – “If it don’t fit don’t force it”
(Public Domain cover of a song by Barrelhouse Annie)

MC Stove – “Body Logic”
from upcoming album “Somnambulism”
IG – @mcstove

Episode 3: March 2018

Here’s the tracklist for the NYOMP episode 2:

Courtney Farren – “Long way home”

Lex Rush – Acapella verse

Abe Parker – “Matador”

Henry Black – “The Other Side”

Joi “TheGodIs” SansChez
Twitter: @J_SansChez

Markus Brandt – “Dream Dream away”

John Cathal O’Brien – “Cures”

Interview with Paris Alexandra and Kelsey Pyro
of the Blue Nile Jam Sessions at Stratosphere Studios in Brooklyn

Alex Lowry – “One Thing”

Fyootch – Acapella verse

Adamegan Fernandez – “Melodies”

Jackson Sturkey – “Alive”
Facebook: Jackson Sturkey
insta: @outlatetonight

James Calvin