Monthly Archives: October 2019

Episode 6 – Farewell Little Skips!

Ben Pagano  – “Exploring Dreams” (new song, not yet released)
bandcamp –
IG –
FB –

ShadowMonster – “Goodwill”
New album – Punching Bag out Oct 24th.
IG: @shadowmonster

Zara Zee – “No Good at Goodbyes” 
IG: @stopmakiingsense

Bluish – “Run”
Shows coming up at The Windjammer 10/23, Muchmores 11/11 and Gold Sounds 11/22 in Brooklyn.

I’m Not Holden Caulfield – “Out Of State”

Brook Pridemore – “Remain Upright”
from A Brighter Light (Vinyl available!)

Debbie Dalton – “The Depressive’s happy song”

Malaphor – “Old Dutch Barn”

Meat Bride / Tosca -“Jesus Loves Everyone” (unrecorded)
Instagram: @666toska

Ramona Gomes – “Only Love” (unrecorded)

Nath Bravo – “Regina” (Upcoming album)

Kung Fu Crime Wave – “DMT”

The Road to Ruin – “I am a planet”
Instagram: theroadtoruinmusic