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Episode 5: May The Fourth Be With You

Ep 5 Shownotes
hosted by brokeMC

Joe Rice – “Continuum”
IG – Shmigiggles

Jeremy Zimmerman – “Small Talk”
IG: JeremyZimmermanMusic
Logically Unprepared – “The Enemy”
New album under the name King Bop

Annie RUOK – Acapella
IG: @ruokok

Paco the G train Bandit – Acapella

Chaotic Rawkus – “Necessary” from Alter Ego Theory

Joe Roberts – “Outcast”

Johnny Darlin – “Way with Words”

Rivvrrat – “Carla”

Dyalekt – “Preach”
twitter @Dyalektraps

Ramona – Dream”
IG – @seventhchance

Thanks for listening to the best music you almost never heard!