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Episode 1: January 2018

Podcast Episode 1 notes:

Pete’s Candy Store Sunday
Sidewalk Cafe
Delancey – Mixed Pleasures
Little Skips Tuesday hosted by Joe Crow

Here’s the tracklist for the New York OMP episode 1:

Raggedy“Broken Things” IG:: ragged_y

Peter de St Phalle“Hallway” IG:: @peterdsp

Sarah Citrin“The World is too much with me”

Ben Shapiro“America on the run”

Connie Saltzman“Without You”  IG:: @connie_saltz

Hari Mint“Voodoo”

The Lowliest One – “Sleep in my dreams”

Ill SpokinnFreestyle …  

Dizzy SenzeVictory Lap Freestyle IG:: thelitlifeofdizz

Syanide HazardousFinal round battle with Dizzy …

Sam Wolf – “Antartica” …

The Beatbox House

Hosted by brokeMC:

IG:: newyorkopenmic
TWITTER:: newyorkopenmic