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Episode 6 – Farewell Little Skips!

Ben Pagano  – “Exploring Dreams” (new song, not yet released)
bandcamp –
IG –
FB –

ShadowMonster – “Goodwill”
New album – Punching Bag out Oct 24th.
IG: @shadowmonster

Zara Zee – “No Good at Goodbyes” 
IG: @stopmakiingsense

Bluish – “Run”
Shows coming up at The Windjammer 10/23, Muchmores 11/11 and Gold Sounds 11/22 in Brooklyn.

I’m Not Holden Caulfield – “Out Of State”

Brook Pridemore – “Remain Upright”
from A Brighter Light (Vinyl available!)

Debbie Dalton – “The Depressive’s happy song”

Malaphor – “Old Dutch Barn”

Meat Bride / Tosca -“Jesus Loves Everyone” (unrecorded)
Instagram: @666toska

Ramona Gomes – “Only Love” (unrecorded)

Nath Bravo – “Regina” (Upcoming album)

Kung Fu Crime Wave – “DMT”

The Road to Ruin – “I am a planet”
Instagram: theroadtoruinmusic

Episode 5: May The Fourth Be With You

Ep 5 Shownotes
hosted by brokeMC

Joe Rice – “Continuum”
IG – Shmigiggles

Jeremy Zimmerman – “Small Talk”
IG: JeremyZimmermanMusic
Logically Unprepared – “The Enemy”
New album under the name King Bop

Annie RUOK – Acapella
IG: @ruokok

Paco the G train Bandit – Acapella

Chaotic Rawkus – “Necessary” from Alter Ego Theory

Joe Roberts – “Outcast”

Johnny Darlin – “Way with Words”

Rivvrrat – “Carla”

Dyalekt – “Preach”
twitter @Dyalektraps

Ramona – Dream”
IG – @seventhchance

Thanks for listening to the best music you almost never heard!

Episode 4: April Fools July

Ep 4 Shownotes
hosted by brokeMC

Jack of “The Caption”
IG / Twitter / FB -@thecaptionmusic

Alison Mop – “Hospital #1”
ig – alisonmop

Eve Blackwater – “Crybaby Creek”

Nate Gusakov – “Going Home”

Leah Tash – “The Soul You Got on You.”
ig and twitter @leahtashmusic

( drops her limited 7”!)

Calvin Rezen – “Constantine”

Dylan And Sonja – “River”
written by Dylan Mann
sung by Sonja Teszler

Kyle Jackson – “New York”

Zav the Gemini – Acapella
IG: ZavTheGemini

Tesla Nirvana Bejerano – “Sunrisin in Sunset”
ig – soupthereitis

Jason Stein – “Blues Harmonica”

Interview with Kyle Jackson

Anna Witiuk – “If it don’t fit don’t force it”
(Public Domain cover of a song by Barrelhouse Annie)

MC Stove – “Body Logic”
from upcoming album “Somnambulism”
IG – @mcstove

Episode 3: March 2018

Here’s the tracklist for the NYOMP episode 2:

Courtney Farren – “Long way home”

Lex Rush – Acapella verse

Abe Parker – “Matador”

Henry Black – “The Other Side”

Joi “TheGodIs” SansChez
Twitter: @J_SansChez

Markus Brandt – “Dream Dream away”

John Cathal O’Brien – “Cures”

Interview with Paris Alexandra and Kelsey Pyro
of the Blue Nile Jam Sessions at Stratosphere Studios in Brooklyn

Alex Lowry – “One Thing”

Fyootch – Acapella verse

Adamegan Fernandez – “Melodies”

Jackson Sturkey – “Alive”
Facebook: Jackson Sturkey
insta: @outlatetonight

James Calvin

Episode 2: February 2018

Pete’s Candy Store Sunday
Nuyorican Poets Cafe (All That! with Wiseguy and Gaston)
Sidewalk Cafe
Under Saint Marks
Little Skips Tuesday hosted by Joe Crow
Parkside Lounge (Inspired Word)

Here’s the tracklist for the NYOMP episode 2:

Sawyer Marshall – “Disposed”

Emily Frembgen“Where Babe?”

Francis Aud“Thought of you”

Bluie “Love Queen”

Killy Dwyer “Kill The Band”

Dalton Deschain “We were born in the valley”

Master LeeImpromptu Poetry


Joel Gold – Impromptu Poetry


Interview with the Sticker Dude! (including origin story!)

Rick Snyder – “This time of year”

Hosted by brokeMC:

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Episode 1: January 2018

Podcast Episode 1 notes:

Pete’s Candy Store Sunday
Sidewalk Cafe
Delancey – Mixed Pleasures
Little Skips Tuesday hosted by Joe Crow

Here’s the tracklist for the New York OMP episode 1:

Raggedy“Broken Things” IG:: ragged_y

Peter de St Phalle“Hallway” IG:: @peterdsp

Sarah Citrin“The World is too much with me”

Ben Shapiro“America on the run”

Connie Saltzman“Without You”  IG:: @connie_saltz

Hari Mint“Voodoo”

The Lowliest One – “Sleep in my dreams”

Ill SpokinnFreestyle …  

Dizzy SenzeVictory Lap Freestyle IG:: thelitlifeofdizz

Syanide HazardousFinal round battle with Dizzy …

Sam Wolf – “Antartica” …

The Beatbox House

Hosted by brokeMC:

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